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Products list
  • 1.Beer keg
  • 2.Fonts
  • 3.Beer tap
  • 4.Dispenser
  • 5.Draft beer machine
  • 6.Regulater
  • 7.Cylinder
  • 8.Cleaning machine
  • 9.Filling machine
  • 10.Extractor
  • 11.OTHERS
Product Detail
Draft beer machine
Draft beer machine

Specifications :                
1、The best chilled beer will be ready in the thermoblock within 5-8 minutes after the coller has been switched on, quick and easy to install, suitable for small size bar.                
2、High polish stainless steel case                
3、Environmentally friendly refrigerant                
4、Robust and sophisticated design                
5、Customized beer tower and taps available                
6、Food grade    

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